The Alliance Senate Building, or the Alliance Senate Building Complex, is the location of the InterGalactic Alliance's legislative body, the Alliance Senate.

Description and historyEdit

The Alliance Senate Building is located in what was formerly the United Nations Secretariat Building, located in New York City.  After the United Nations had reformed itself into the Sol Republic in 2930 and into the Galactic Federation in 2955, the building had been renovated as a museum. It wasn't until 2999 that the building finally was reused as a government building. As the InterGalactic Alliance expanded rapidly throughout that time, the building had expanded into a complex of seven buildings to fit the growing group of delegates. 

The Alliance Senate Building Complex is divided into seven buildings:

  • Alliance Senate Complex- Houses the main body of the Alliance, the Senate; the original UN Secretariat Building.
  • Building 2- Houses many of the Alliance's doocuments (non-clandestine).
  • Building 3- Houses foreign ambassadors and advisors.
  • The House of Congress- Houses the members of the Alliance Congress (not to be confused with the Senate).

The building complex has been attacked several times, most notably the terrorist attack of 2999 by Confederate sympathizers and the shelling of the Alliance Senate Complex in 2998.The 

Role in galactic eventsEdit

This building has played a significant role in many important galactic events, most notably the Virgonian Civil War.

Other facts about the BuildingEdit

  • The Alliance Senate Building has been the prime target of several terrorist and military attacks.
  • The Alliance Senate Building was originally the United Nations Secretariat Building until the UN dissolved in 2930.
  • The Alliance Senate Building is located in New York City, Earth.
  • This was also the temporary residence of the Chief of State, after his residence, the Water Globe, was destroyed by Confederate forces in 2987.
  • The Alliance Senate Building also acts as an embassy to several neighboring governments.
  • The Alliance Senate Building is the most secure building in the InterGalactic Alliance, yet ironically, it has been taken over by force two times within the past three years.