HoloCom (also known as Holocom) was the intergalactic communications grid first established by the Galactic Federation and later used by its sucessor, the InterGalcic Alliance. HoloCom was an instantaneous communication grid established by the Federation Senate to provide a free flow of faster, more reliable communication among the worlds and galaxies within the InterGalacic Alliance. It accelerated galactic comunications and replaced the older Wembley™ subspace communication system used by the Sol Republic. 


A message is first brodcast from a planet, in wormholes, or from some other point of origin. From here, the signal is routed to wormwave tranceivers buried within wormholes to a HoloCom communications array. At the array, the information is decoded, sorted out, routed through the proper tranceivers, and sent to its destination. The tranceivers then send them through HC-wormholes, enabling them to be broadcasted all over the galaxy. This then enables the data to be sent and received at faster-than-light speeds by the process of origin point, to relay, to tranceiver, to another tranceiver, and then to its destination, ensuring that the message would be received in a short period of time from one end of a supercluster to another. 

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