Hydros flag

The current Hydrosian Flag.

Hydros is one of the main galactic super powers. Hydros is an earth like planet with a diameter of 25,632 km. Currently it resides in the Andromeda Galaxy.


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Hydros has a combination of direct and representative democracy. There are many layers in the government. From largest to smallest, they are, planetary, continental, national, regional, sectional, and local.  Each makes decesions regarding their area of influence. 

Voting and ElectionsEdit

The Hydrosian voting age is 18 human years or the equivalent of that in other species. Once a Hydrosian citizen reaches the voting age they may vote in any election concerning them. Leaders and a congress are elected for each level of government every five years.

Hydrosians can create a petition which, if it reaches enough signatures, will be voted on by the public. If this passes it will become law regardless of whether or not it was voted on by a congress and approved by a leader. Also, a petition can be used in a similar manner to remove officials from office.

Foreign Relations Edit

Hydros is a major power in the Inter Galactic Alliance. However, Hydros tries to stay out of small region conflicts but will get involved if they feel freedoms and/or basic rights are being threatened. Hydros is a major supporter of democracy and freedom throughout the galaxy.


The Hydrosian military has five branches,the navy, the army, the airforce, the space navy, and Clandestine Actions, Learning Inteligence, and Covert Operations or CALICO.


Hydros is one of the strongest planets economically in the Andromeda Galaxy. The Hydrosian economy is based mainly on agriculture and has some industy from its shipyards.


Hydros exports many agricultural products. The main exporter of these goods is Agro Corp, which conducts business throughout all of Andromeda and in other parts of the Local Group. Agro Corp uses large farm ships to grow food in outer space. Also, the Hydrosian shipyards from Hydros Inc. produce some of the galaxy's finest ships. These ships, ranging from small personal spacecraft all the way to giant battleships, are sold throughout all of the Virgo Supercluster.


Hydros imports many raw materials, especially metals, for use in its factories and shipyards. 


Main SpeciesEdit


Felidaeus is a cat like species that has four limbs and stands on two legs. They range from three to four feet tall.


The surface of Hydros is approximately 78% water. Hydros has seven continents.


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