Moons are the natural satellites of planets. Moons in general are not to be confused with Earth's Moon.

General information and classificationEdit

Moons are the natural satellites of planets. Many moons; such as Orion VI's moon, Earth's Moon, and Endor II; are inhabited and are large centers of trade and culture within the InterGalactic Alliance and beyond. Others, such as Dubri II and Envos 9, are barren and are devoid of sentient life. Some moons are classified as planets within navigational charts due to the economic or political significance of them. Moons are classified by several classes based on their atmosphere and ablility to support life. 

  • Class I- These moons have an oxygen-hydrogen-nitrogen-rich atmosphere and are very much fit to support life. These are the moons most similar to Earth in terms of diversity and the amount of sentient life. Also, no oxygen masks or oxygen suits are needed to breath on these moons. These moons are varied by population and development. Examples: Endwin VI, Endor II, Tralus, Corynian I, Orion VI's moon, etc. (Note: Europa is also classified as a Class I moon due to the abundance of life under the surface, along with the abundance of oxygen-rich water. This classification is, however, widely disputed by scientists within the InterGalactic Alliance.)
  • Class II- These moons have moderately oxygen-hydrogen-nitrogen-rich atmospheres and are moderately diverse in terms of ecology and the population of sentient life. No oxygen masks or oxygen suits are needed to breath. These moons are moderately populated but are very much developed. Examples: Yorvorgan, Crymex II, Mandwin, Baldwin's Moon, etc.
  • Class III- These moons have adequate breathable air within their atmospheres and are not as diverse in terms of ecology and sentient life, hence they are sparsely populated. For some of these moons, oxygen equipment is needed to breath. Examples: Barnard V, Telos II, Gorbin's Moon, etc.
  • Class IV- These moons are barren and/or devoid of life. To explore these moons, you will need a full environment suit. Examples: Dubri II, Envos 9, Gorgon's Gate, etc.