The DIPPER Republic is a small government located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, near the constellations of Ursa Major and Minor (also known as the Big and Little Dipper), hence the name DIPPER. The DIPPER Republic has been the scene many important events in intergalactic history and was a founding member of the Galactic Federation, which then reformed itself into the InterGalactic Alliance in 2985.


Little is really known about the early history of the DIPPER Republic, but, based on the little knowledge there is, the origins of the DIPPER Republic could be traced back to the Human Galactic Explorer Expeditions (2930-2955) and the Galactic Tribal Wars. As a result of this, the population of DIPPER is diverse with a mix of aliens and humans. In 2955, it was one of the governments that had founded the Galactic Federation, which was the loose confederation of interplanetary governments within the Milky Way, which eventually expanded to the entire Virgo Supercluster.

Soon after the founding of the Federation, the DIPPER Republic had a small economic boom, lasting from the first term of President Alvin Taylor to the second term of President George Parker. It lasted from 2955 to about 2968. During that time, government reform rendered corruption nearly non-existent and the military numbers expanded. The economy boomed through the tourism industry and immigration also flourished.  

In 2985, the DIPPER Republic had been where the Galactic Federation was dissolved and the InterGalactic Alliance was founded.

In 2987, the DIPPER Republic was invaded by the IVC (Independent Virgo Confederacy) during the Virgonian Civil War (2985-2999). Nearly a quater of DIPPER space had been subjugated by the Confederates, nonetheless the DIPPER Navy held out viciously. The invasion ended in 2988, when the combined fleets of the Coalition and DIPPER drove out the Confederates at Desparo.

Unfortunately, the DIPPER Republic recently suffered the loss of an important mining world, Crabutos, when it was destroyed by a nearby supernova, plunging much of the Gordon sector in economic depression. Currently, the DIPPER Republic is planning to institute more economic reforms in order to boost up employment and to relocate the survivors of the planet's destruction. 

Demographics and astrographyEdit

The DIPPER Republic is a small government located in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. It is composed of several thousand different planets, including the capital, DIPPER, located in the Polaris system.